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Are You Spending Thousands Of
Dollars On Ads, Every Single Month?

Giving away copious amounts of discount codes and vouchers, in the hope that you’ll
make a sale? 
Or even just gain a new opt-in? Because anything is better than nothing… If
you answered “YES” to one or more of those questions, why are you doing this? 

To Get Great Leads That Keep Coming
Back For More, Am I Right?

I thought so, and it makes sense – I mean, that’s the way marketers are taught to
generate leads… 
But are the leads you’re getting turning into quality, repeat customers?
Or are they just cold, hard duds? 

I’m going to go with the latter. But now I’m going to blow your mind ? There is a never
before seen technique that will allow you to build a massive list of red hot, sizzling
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Hi, I’m Rod Vener

Fun fact about me – I started the first 2 tier affiliate system on the internet, before Google and the World Wide Web was even born.

In just 6 months, my affiliate system accumulated over 19,000 affiliates in 178 countries.

But the best part?

I used NO advertising. It cost me next to nothing to acquire those 19,000 affiliates.

That’s unheard of in this day and age. Or is it?

Since then, I’ve set up and started a half a dozen businesses for both myself and my family and I’ve been in the marketing game for the last 39 years.

In other words, you’re in good hands. 

Although I now run many successful businesses, 

The truth is, once upon a time I was spending thousands of dollars on ads every week, and getting nowhere. 

I’m Going To Hit Rewind And Take
You Back To 2016, Where It All Began

With ad costs on the rise, old techniques not cutting it and profits plummeting, I needed to find a way to get my cost per lead under control.

It was either that, or my business would fail and I wasn’t going down without a fight.

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to do.

I’d tried everything in the ‘How To: Marketing’ book and nothing was getting me customers that actually wanted to buy what I had to offer. 

My ads just weren’t performing.

I changed the copy. 
I changed the price. 
I changed the age, gender, location and interests of who I was targeting. 
I changed the CTA. 
I changed my CPC bid. 
I changed the graphics I used. 
I changed my landing page. 
I changed everything.

But nothing seemed to stop the ad platform from sucking my success right from under me. My ad spend was through the roof and my email list was stagnant with a side of 0% click through rate. It wasn’t looking good…

Until I Found The One Thing That
Changed Everything

All of a sudden, my cost per lead dropped to $0.60-$1.25.

Then $0.30 – $0.40 per lead. My click through rate soured higher than it had ever been before, I thought I was dreaming. But guess what? I wasn’t. By segmenting my leads using logic branching, my cost per lead finally took the nosedive I’d been needing. 

But I wanted more. There had to be a way to segment the leads further. So that’s what I did… Over the years, I spent hundreds and thousands of dollars tweaking, testing and perfecting. I spent more hours than I care to count pouring over years of data, trying to find the hidden secrets within, and that’s exactly what I found. 

The secrets to every marketer’s unspoken questions. 

I got my lead cost down to a few pennies with my average cost per lead sitting at $0.02 – $0.10. 

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. $0.02 – $0.10 per lead. Pinch me. 

Today I’m going to share my methods with you. 

The methods that will not only take your paid ads to the next level, but your organic reach too. 

No matter what niche you’re in, this simple strategy will work for you.

I know, because one of my customers quadrupled their leads (and sales!) overnight. If that sounds good to you, keep on reading.

Let’s Skip To The Part Where I Could Quadruple My Leads And Sales Overnight, Please And Thank You…

Interactive Content Is Proven To Be
8X More Effective Than Static Content

The reality is, the internet has given modern day customers short attention spans and high expectations. 

Gone are the days of creating an appealing graphic and calling it a day, static content just won’t cut it anymore. Customers expect attention grabbing, exciting and personalized content… otherwise? 

They get bored and leave.

What I’m about to show you will enable you to take exactly what each customer wants and turn it into a product, just for them. It will give every single one of your customers a unique and personalized experience, meaning you’ll have their trust in a matter of minutes.

But the best part?

It will give you a competitive edge that none of your competitors know about. But don’t worry… *No long and expensive product sourcing is involved in this process* You just need your print-on-demand business, a laptop and an internet connection.

Introducing QuizPro

The only online tool that can turn 87% of your prospects into
raving fans and repeat customers.
 QuizPro creates viral-worthy
quizzes with a click of a button. But, why a quiz?

The Most read New York Times article ever….A Quiz
BuzzFeed generated over 200 million page views from just 4 viral quizzes
​When Neil Patel (the world’s leading conversion expert) decided to try quizzes he increased his lead capture by 500%
A leading eyewear company used a quiz to generate over $1 million dollars in sales in 6 months
The average quiz-related lead capture rate is a whopping 31.6%
Personalized and engaging content is the only way to sell in the 21st century

QuizPro uses the data from every quiz that’s filled out and creates dynamic personalized images for each individual customer, guaranteeing a unique and customized experience every time.

Who Wouldn’t Buy A Product,
Perfectly Matched To Them?

QuizPro gives you the ability to take the time to get to know your customers, without really having to take the time. The system will perfectly pair your customers with their ideal product that you already sell, without you having to lift a finger. So not only will you gather unlimited amounts of red hot leads, you’ll make a killing doing it.

Think About It…

If your lead magnet is a generic ebook, PDF or other downloadable file, even if they optin, there’s no guarantee that they’ll bother reading or actioning it. Consumers are lazy, and 99.9% of the time? Uninterested.

But when you use a quiz… You’re giving them an interactive way to learn about what you’re offering, whilst peeking their interest and building trust, in a matter of minutes! Every marketer’s dream. You’re welcome.

Here’s Just A Few More Reasons Why QuizPro Is The Marketing Tool You Need:

Multiple Choice, Scored, Timed, Logic Branching Quizzes & MORE!
Design Your Quiz To Match Your Company Branding
Customize Your Forms To Maximize Conversions
Integrate Your Quiz With Your Favorite Autoresponder & CRM System
Social Sharing For Optimum Brand Awareness
Facebook Pixel Tracking
Built In Analytics Dashboard
Embed Your Quiz Everywhere

It Just Gets Better And Better

Of course, there’s a price to pay for such a powerful marketing tool. But it’s not what you think. Today you’re going to walk away with a steal.

Not only do you get to fast-track years of experimentation, failure and expensive mistakes, you get everything you need to start right here, right now. The tried and tested methods handed to you on a silver platter.

I could charge you what it’s worth, which is about $997 a month (which is pennies compared to what you could earn with QuizPro). But I’m going to give you a one-time offer for QuizPro that after today, will never be available again.

I want you to feel completely confident with your purchase today…

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Unlimited Red Hot Leads
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The Only Quiz Maker That Gives You Dynamic Personalized Images

From just $47 per month!

Here Are The Exclusive Pricing Plans
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1 Website
​ 5,000 Visitors/Month
SEOPress Pro
Patented Dynamic Personalized Images
Custom Domain Name
Google Dashboard




 5 Websites
​ 50,000 Visitors/Month
​ SEOPress Pro
Patented Dynamic Personalized Images
Custom Domain Name
 Google Dashboard
Logic Branching
​ Export & Import quizzes
 Export quiz Results




 15 Websites
​ 500,000 Visitors/Month
​ SEOPress Pro
Patented Dynamic Personalized Images
Custom Domain Name
 Google Dashboard
Logic Branching
​ Export & Import quizzes
Export quiz Results

Invest In The Marketer’s Secret
Weapon Today

You’ve seen the results, you’ve seen what we’re offering you. It’s your call. If you want to stay in the same ad -> spend -> cold lead -> repeat cycle? That’s up to you.

It goes without saying that QuizPro is completely GDPR compliant, so you can collect your leads without worrying about a thing.